Senate Energy Bill Passes With Geothermal Provisions, #BRESx3 Summit Theme Announced


Senator Murkowski, who helped lead the recently passed Senate Energy Bill.

Photo credit: The New York Times/Zach Gibson

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*Senate Passed Energy Bill Will Help Achieve Geothermal Energy’s Potential, Industry Leader Says
*From the Office of Senator Wyden: Senate Passes Two Wyden Renewable Energy Bills: Wyden-Authored Bills would Spur Clean Energy from Geothermal, Marine Power
*From the Office of Senator Heller: Senate Passes Heller Amendments to Energy Bill
*3X the Power of Baseloads, 3X the Voice: 2016 Baseload Renewable Energy Summit #BRESx3
*New Geothermal Energy State Fact Sheets Available
*Senate Moves to Increase DOE Geothermal Program, House Proposes Cuts
*Studies Show Geothermal and Grid Diversity Benefit the Environment and the Consumers
*Stanford Researchers Use DNA to Explore Renewable Energy Sources
*MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center Dreams Up Innovative Fusion Technology for Geothermal
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Baseload Summit Approaches, Salton Sea Comments, and More

Summit BannerSave the date for June’s 2016 Baseload Renewable Energy Summit!
Register here:

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*Baseload Summit to Focus on Future Prospects for Geothermal, Biomass and Hydropower June 7-8 in Reno
*Senate Defers Action on Expanding Tax Incentives as Talks Break Down
*GEA Comments on California Water Board Hearing on Salton Sea
*Latin America Lagging in Implementation of Geothermal Resources
*Berkley Lab News Release: Existing State Laws Collectively Require a 50% Increase in U.S. Renewable Electricity
*Rising Public Finance in Early Stage and Exploratory Phase Geothermal Development
*State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources Recruiting a Mineral Resources Specialist
*Hybrid Geothermal Power Plant Proposed in Croatia
*Calayan Islands, Philippines Identified as Potential Source of Geothermal Energy
*Geothermal Capable of Enhancing Air Quality in Polish Metropolitan Areas
*Kenya to Further Harness Rift Valley Geothermal and Boost Private Sector Investment in Renewables
*Chevron’s $3 Billion Asian Sale Thought to Attract CIC, Ormat
*Enertech Celebrates 20 years in the Geothermal Industry
*Notice of Little Hoover Commission Hearing on the Salton Sea, April 25, 2016
*Press Release: LUCELEC Slated to Meet With Geothermal Developer to Harness Geothermal in St. Lucia
*GEA Seeks Entries for the Best in Geothermal: Sixth Annual GEA Honors

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Geothermal in Eritrea, El Salvador, St. Vincent, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Ireland

This post brings you geothermal headlines from Eritrea, El Salvador, St. Vincent, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Ireland.


Pan-European Thermal Atlas/ Heat Roadmap Europe

Photo credit:

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Geothermal Makes Car Batteries and Attracts Textile Factories


New Tesla Model 3 
Photo credit: Tesla/YouTube

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*Geothermal Energy a Component in New Tesla Car
*Anomalously High Geothermal Heat is Melting Greenland’s Ice Sheet
*Nevis Project Begins Well Testing and Monitoring
*Chevron’s $3 Billion Asian Geothermal Assets Attract Global Suitors
*Geothermal Plants May Bring Textile Factories to Olkaria
*Fire Does No Harm to Mt. Apo Geothermal Plants
*Press Release: Ormat and Alevo to Jointly Build, Own and Operate First Energy Storage Project in Georgetown, Texas
*Southern Methodist University: Geothermal Lab Ready for Geothermal, Oil, Gas Industry Discussions
*GEA Seeks Entries for the Best in Geothermal: Sixth Annual GEA Honors
*Summit… With a Twist

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Stillwater Inauguration, Salton Sea Advances, Developments Abroad


   Formal inauguration of Enel’s hybrid Stillwater plant in Nevada
(Photo courtesy Enel)

International Showcase photos are up!  Follow the link below:

In this post:
*Enel Green Power Inaugurates Triple Renewable Hybrid Plant in the US
*Another win for renewable energy in California
*ID and Imperial County launch Campaign
*KenGen Partners with Power Africa to Add 2,500 MW to Country’s Electric Grid
*Geothermal Could Lower China’s Air Pollution, Providing Power and Heat
*BCC Predicts Geothermal Market Will Reach $20.8 Billion by 2020
*GEA Seeks Entries for the Best in Geothermal: Sixth Annual GEA Honors
*Baseload Association Groups Bring Baseload Renewable Energy Summit to Reno
*GEA Comments on Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative 2.0

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