Few Weeks Left Until GEA GEOEXPO+ & GRC Annual Meeting

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*Less than 6 weeks left to register online for the GEA GEOEXPO+ & GRC Annual Meeting
*Congress is Back in Town, Critical Decisions on Tap for Geothermal!
*Thank you to GEA Members New and Renewed!
*Geothermal Heating Part of Ambitious Plans of Polish Government
*Chevron Geothermal Seeks Additional Permits for Mount Salak Project
*How The Synthetic Diamond Industry Is Revolutionizing The Geothermal Energy Market
*Jerry Brown Presses Case for Expanding California’s Power Grid
*PLN Plan to Buy PGE Stake Could Harm Geothermal Development: Analyst
*Fallon Named Finalist for Enhanced Geothermal Systems Site
*Leading the Way to Abundant Geothermal Energy
*The Bold and Controversial Plan to Drill Into a Supervolcano
*Geothermal Bill on its Way to Governor’s Desk
*Could the ‘Most Powerful Geothermal Reservoirs in the World’ Save the Colorado River?
*Berkeley Lab Continues to FORGE its Way with $29 Million Investment in Enhanced Geothermal Systems Efforts
*Letter: Koch’s Geothermal System Isn’t the Standard
Mount Salak
Image Credit: Flickr

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Geothermal in Uganda, Antigua, USA, Philippines

This post brings you geothermal headlines from Uganda, Antigua, the USA, and the Philippines.

Interview: Listen to MCWL Officials Explain What the Third Well Drilling Means for Montserrat

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Big News on Salton Sea, GEOEXPO+ Approaches

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*GEA GEOEXPO+ & GRC Annual Meeting
*GEA Board Calls for Nominations
*Desert Sun: Obama at Lake Tahoe: Big Announcements on Salton Sea, Geothermal Energy
*Request for Information on the Availability of New Geothermal Electricity in the Salton
*Energy Department Announces $29 Million Investment in Enhanced Geothermal Systems Efforts
*Corbetti Geothermal PLC EOI Notice
*Power Africa Launches New Partnership With the Government of Japan
*ElectraTherm Power+ Generator Exceeds 3,000 Hours in Japan
*Aceh Governor Eyes Geothermal Project in Indonesia’s Leuser Ecosystem
*U.S. EIA: Geothermal Very Competitive on Levelized Cost of Electricity Basis
*Geothermal Agency Opens Search for New Chiefs After Shake-up
*Geothermal Picks Up Steam With Alberta Proposal to Retrofit Abandoned Oil Wells
*Tiffany Lai Conquers a Geothermal Challenge
*Polaris Infrastructure Announces Connection of Well SJ 9-4
*European Mexican Research Project Exploring Ultra-deep Geothermal Resources
*PLN to Buy Half of Pertamina’s Geothermal Unit
*Geothermal Energy: an Expensive but Attractive Option for Latin America
*Oregon Agency Offers $2M in Renewable Project Incentives
*Exergy Expects to Add an Additional 200 MW Geothermal Capacity in Turkey

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Geothermal in Tanzania, Uganda, Costa Rica, Dominica, Mexico, Nicaragua, China, Indonesia, Japan, Iceland

This post brings you geothermal headlines from Tanzania, Uganda, Costa Rica, Dominica, Mexico, Nicaragua, China, Indonesia, Japan, and Iceland.


Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, produced by geothermal activity.

Image Credit: bluelagoon.com

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Ultimate Geothermal Event in California, Geothermal News

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California to Host Ultimate Geothermal Energy Event in October
Thank you to GEA Members New and Renewed!
DOE Announces SBIR/STTR Funding Opportunity for Subsurface Technologies
California State Assembly Approves Bill to Extend California Climate Program Through 2030 – Assembly Members Garcia and Speaker Rendon Lead the Way
World Bank: Procurement notice, Turkey Geothermal Development Project
Enel, Heading Towards a Geothermal World
Energy Department Awards 43 New Business-Laboratory Collaborations under Small Business Vouchers Pilot
Lab Collaborates With Small Businesses in Gas Turbine Manufacturing and Geothermal Projects
Despite Stagnant Growth, U.S. Invests in Technology Development
China to More than Triple Geothermal Power Consumption by 2020
First Ever Geothermal Oil Well Project Starting in Leduc County


Check out LiveScience’s exploration of what happened to geothermal energy.

Image Credit: Robert Zierenberg, UC Davis

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GEOEXPO+ Marketing Forum Agenda Released, Geothermal Developments

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Indonesian Government Offers Up 30 Geothermal Working Areas Until 2018
Toshiba to Supply Steam Turbine and Generators for One of World’s Largest-Class Geothermal Power Plant Projects
Indonesian Government to Streamline Geothermal Permits
Philippines EDC Plant Expanding Within Geothermal Site
Geothermal Players Seek FIT Accreditation from DOE
EERE Success Story-Geothermal Wells: Advancing the Technology
ThinkGeoEnergy: UN: The Great Role of Geothermal for Indigenous Group in NZ
Renewable Energy World: Too Many Projects Can Lead to Too Many Problems


The Philippines Bacman geothermal plant.

Image Credit: pna.gov.ph 

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