Leading news: Western State Geothermal Policies can Stimulate Economic Growth and Environmental Quality

This post brings you GEA’s 2015 National Geothermal Summit and 2015 GEA Honors program; DOE’s 2014 Geothermal Technologies Office report; and geothermal opportunities in Nevada, California, Idaho, Kenya and more.


The map shows the 11 areas that are part of the U.S. DOE’s Play Fairway geothermal exploration utilizing data and software tools: (1) the Cascade Mountains and Aleutian Island chain; (2) the Appalachian Basin in New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia; (3) the Rio Grande Rift and the Southern Basin and Range of New Mexico; (4) and (5) the Great Basin; (6) the Tularosa Basin study area of southwestern New Mexico; (7) Northeast California, Northwest Nevada, and Southern Oregon; (8) Hawaii; (9) the Central Cascade Range area; (10) Snake River Plain, Idaho; and (11) Washington State. Source: U.S. DOE 2014 Annual Report Geothermal Technologies Office (PDF).

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Leading news: Don’t Forget About Baseload Renewable Energy

This post brings you news about geothermal baseload benefits, the latest in the Salton Sea discussion, guidance from the IRS, and EIA forecast, international opportunities, and more.


This week’s geothermal energy graph: Speaking at a recent GEA event, Katherine Young, Senior Energy Analyst at National Renewable Energy Laboratory said, “Geothermal development projects can go through as many as six National Environmental Policy Act analyses.” Delays are caused by a variety of reasons, including competing priorities at agencies, lack of geothermal-specific funding, lack of training or inconsistencies at field offices, weather, fear of litigation, and more. Categorical Exclusions at certain points of project exploration are being discussed as a way to decrease the too-lengthy time frame for geothermal project development in the U.S.

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Leading news: GEA New Members Announced; Industry Continues Dialogue with Agencies

This post brings you new coverage from the February 24 GEA State of the Geothermal Energy Industry Briefing, new member announcements from GEA and updates from our members, a DOE budget webinar on March 5, dates to look out for in California geothermal policy, and more.


The global market is at about 12.8 GW of operating capacity as of January 2015, spread across 24 countries. In the chart above, “Nearterm Goals” includes government and private sector development goals. Overall if all countries follow through on their geothermal power development goals and targets the global market could reach 27-30 GW by the early 2030s. This year the global geothermal market was developing about 11.5-12.3 GW of planned capacity spread across 80 countries.


The countries listed in the second chart above are among those developing 50 MW or more. Based on current data the global geothermal industry is expected to reach between 14.5 GW and 17.6 GW by 2020. Read more in the GEA’s 2015 Annual U.S. & Global Geothermal Power Production Report and view the International Developing Geothermal Power Project List: geo-energy.org/reports

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