Leading news: States and Industry Working to Engage Geothermal Possibilities

This post brings you upcoming GEA events, current regulatory considerations in several Western states, and more.


Above: The map shows public land with considerable amounts of geothermal potential in Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, California and Arizona. At a recent GEA event, John Ruhs, Acting State Director of the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada noted that most of the authorized federal leases for these lands are in Nevada, with 345 authorized leases. California has the second highest number of authorized federal geothermal leases, with 100. Additionally, almost 80% of the Geothermal Drilling Permits have been issued in Nevada over the last 11 years, Ruhs shared in his presentation. Join us at our annual GEA Geothermal Energy Expo this September 20-23 in Reno, Nevada alongside the GRC Annual Meeting.

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Leading news: International Geothermal Market Springs Forward

This post brings you updates on the international geothermal market such as the Global Geothermal Alliance concept and USTDA funding for Turkey; policy updates including Master Limited Partnership legislation on the national level and progress for California’s Salton Sea efforts; and more.


Above: The Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) has released its Renewables 2015 Global Status Report, which includes contributions from the Geothermal Energy Association. New Zealand was the top country for added geothermal power capacity additions, followed by Turkey, the United States, Kenya and The Philippines.

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Leading news: Geothermal Energy Aiding Global Community

This post brings you updates on three pending geothermal bills, global opinions on climate change, and more.


Above: The map shows the global growth of the geothermal industry, with countries that are active in the industry shaded blue. GEA member companies are working in 80% of those countries.

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Leading news: GEA Honors 2015 Award Winners for Technology, Economic and Environmental Advances Announced

This post brings you a wrap-up from our fifth annual National Geothermal Summit and our GEA Honors award winners; energy legislation advancing in the U.S. Senate; progressing world views on climate change; deadlines coming up for geothermal opportunities, and more.


Above: The infographic shows how much power Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) could provide in the U.S. alone: enough for more than 100 million homes! The Energy Department’s Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE) is heading up an extensive research program to test the technologies in a permitted and drilled test field. The partnering groups include members of the Geothermal Energy Association. GEA members Geothermal Resources Group Inc., Baker Hughes, U.S. Geothermal Inc., AltaRock Energy, Inc., GeothermEx/Schlumberger, Coso Operating Company LLC and Ormat Technologies Inc. as well as numerous other public, private, research and educational organizations are involved in the program. See http://energy.gov/eere/articles/forge-next-frontier-renewable-energy.

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