Geothermal Energy A Leading Resource in Many COP-21 Countries

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*Geothermal Energy A Leading Resource in Many COP-21 Countries
*Fed Agencies Set 2025 Emissions Targets: 41.8% Reduction from 2008
*139 Countries Could Go 100% Renewables by 2050
*AltaRock Energy: Bottle Rock Acquired by Baseload Clean Energy Partners
*GEA Publishes Brief on Including Geothermal in Clean Energy Incentive Program

*Geothermal Visual: Geothermal Resources in France


As the world prepares for COP-21 taking place in Paris, the image above (from shows geothermal resources in France. France’s EGS power plant in Soultz-sous-Forêts went on line at the end of 2008 and currently produces 1.5 MW of geothermal power. A survey report by the Geothermal Energy Association earlier in 2015 counted two geothermal projects under development in France: one by Fonroche Geothermie SAS, in Western Pyrenees, at Early Stage of development; and a second by Electerre de France, in Massif Central, a Prospect development. For more on geothermal energy around the world view past GEA reports:

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CPP Focus Turns to States as GEA Provides Geothermal Info

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*EPA Clean Power Plan Focus Turns to States
*GEA Urges EPA to Include Geothermal in Clean Energy Incentive Program
*Senators Ask FERC to Update PURPA
*IRENA and ADFD Open New Funding for Renewables in Developing Countries
*Mexico Issues Guidelines for Auction in 2016
*Apply to Montserrat Geothermal Project Manager by December 9
*Ormat Technologies Announces New Director and Chairman

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The image above shows how funding from the Department of Energy Loan Programs Office fits in to help overcome market barriers. Up to $40 billion remains in loan authority, and geothermal is eligible. Eligible projects must utilize a new or significantly improved technology, avoid, reduce or sequester greenhouse gases, be located in the United States, and have reasonable prospect of repayment. Deadlines for the Advanced Fossil and REEE solicitations extend into 2016. For more about the Loan Programs go to To apply go to

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Geothermal an Important Part of Clean Power Plan and Other Renewable Programs

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*Coalition of States Defends Clean Power Plan
*EPA Holding Public Hearings, Accepting Written Comments on CPP
*Geothermal Not Included in Early Incentive Program for CPP
*Final EIS Released for California’s Desert RECP Phase I
*GEA Files Comments on California RE Transmission Initiative
*USTDA Hosting ASEAN Reverse Trade Mission
*USTDA, DOE, IDB Sign MOU for Caribbean Energy Sector
*DOE Has New Geothermal Acting Director
*U.S. Geothermal Announces Progress on Crescent Valley I and San Emidio II Projects
*Ormat Technologies Seeks Production Engineer
*SEC Seeking Coordinator for 2016 Event in DC

The first map below, from Southern Methodist University, shows where the hottest geothermal resources are available across the lower 48 U.S. states. The second map, from SNL Financial, shows the amount of emissions reductions that each of the 48 will need in order to meet standards once the federal Clean Power Plan takes effect. Many states that need to meet standards can do so by developing their geothermal energy resources.



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Baseload Leaders Write to Sec. Kerry; GEA Member News; Save the Date for 2016 GEA Events

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*Baseload Industry Leaders Urge Secretary Kerry to Promote All Renewables in Upcoming Climate Talks
*Governments to Raise $22 Billion from Carbon Pricing
*GE Acquires Alstom Power, Including Geothermal Portfolio
*Ormat Technologies Reports 2015 Third Quarter Results
*Hold the Date (March 17, 2016) for GEA International Geothermal Showcase
*Ormat Technologies: Ms. Dita Bronicki Retiring from Board of Directors
*BLM Manager Retires; Worked on Fast-Tracking Geo Permitting 
*Imperial Irrigation District: New Salton Sea Program Manager Has Geo Experience

*Geothermal Visual

The visual above is from a new report by the Climate Markets and Investment Association on global revenues from carbon pricing schemes (PDF). The coverage of California’s program, of interest to the U.S. geothermal market, was new this year. (Read more inside this post).

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