Leading news: GEA Members Shaping U.S. and International Industry Dialogue

This post brings you several new bills that have been introduced that would directly affect U.S. geothermal industry development; an update on crucial California legislation; and news from the World Geothermal Congress and other updates on international geothermal industry progress.

Above: A new study led by the China National Renewable Energy Centre that uses U.S. DOE research models envisions geothermal heating supplying 3% of China’s primary energy by 2050. Read more in “U.S.-China Climate Relations Build” in this post.

Click below to read this week’s leading geothermal news from the Geothermal Energy Association, the geothermal industry trade association with offices in Washington, DC.

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Leading news: Cost-Competitive Geothermal Can Stimulate Economy

This post brings you an update on speakers for the 2015 National Geothermal Summit; an update on the dialogue around California’s energy legislation; a geothermal agricultural report and a tender announcement from Argentina.

Responding to Ebola:  A Critical Window on Global Development Po

Source: IRENA and World Bank; see also “Tackling climate change – for our kids” by Jim Yong Kim, President, World Bank Group

Above: Geothermal energy had one of the lowest average costs of power production compared to other energy sources in 2014. “About 1.2 billion people worldwide don’t have access to electricity,” Jim Yong Kim, President, writes on the World Bank blog. “Renewable energy development will be critical to close this energy-access gap sustainably. Fortunately, renewable energy is becoming increasingly affordable. In many countries, developing utility-scale renewable energy is now cheaper than or on par with fossil fuel plants.”

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Leading news: Geothermal a Boon for Energy Targets and Regional Planning

This post brings you the latest in federal climate and clean energy efforts; announcements from the DOE’s geothermal office, including a search for their new director; benefits of one of the newest geothermal projects; hearings in California that could affect the industry; opportunities in Ethiopia and New Zealand; and more.


Source: Western Governor’s Association, “Transmission and Renewable Energy Planning In California: Opportunities for Regional Stakeholder Engagement” (PDF)

Above: California’s robust renewable energy targets and regional approach to renewables and transmission, combined with its existing geothermal production and future additional potential, make it a U.S. and worldwide leader. Responsibilities for implementation are housed within three California entities – the CPUC, CEC and CAISO. Several announcements from California that could affect the geothermal industry are included in this post.

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