Ethiopia’s $20 million for geothermal; Nigerian geothermal; training for Tanzania

Development Bank of Ethiopia is contributing $20 million toward geothermal drilling. Nigeria’s tourism and sustainability interests could benefit more from geothermal. Groups from both Japan and Kenya are offering training in Tanzania. A dispute in Uganda is rejected.

Ethiopia: Development Bank of Ethiopia Commits US$20 M to Geothermal
Nigeria: Geothermal an Economic Choice
Tanzania: Japan, Kenya to Offer Geothermal Training
Uganda: Services Claim Rejected

Ethiopia: Development Bank of Ethiopia Commits US$20 M to Geothermal
Development Bank of Ethiopia has committed US$20 million to geothermal drilling. In local press, quotes an anticipated capacity of 5,000 MW of geothermal power in the country. An additional US$20 million is also set to become available at a later date.

Nigeria: Geothermal an Economic Choice
Hospitality and tourism management expert Timothy Oladimeji spoke at a recent seminar on “Exploitation of Geothermal Reservoirs for Tourism and Sustainable Energy Development” in Nigeria. He supported geothermal energy as a source to help combat power outages in the country and as an economically viable replacement for petroleum products, according to local press. He added that government investment in geothermal surveys, and other support for sustainable energy, will aid the tourism industry.

Tanzania: Japan, Kenya to Offer Geothermal Training
The Japanese government plans to up its contributions to employment and capacity building in Africa, and geothermal expertise training in Tanzania will be part of these efforts. The training will start in January. “When I met with Prof Sospeter Muhongo, Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources we discussed nurturing experts on geothermal power generation,” Japan’s Minister for Economy, Trade, and Industry, Toshimitsu Motegi, was quoted in local press. Motegi was speaking at a one-day Tanzania-Japan Business Forum attended by 13 private and five State Japan companies.

Neighbor Kenya will also contribute to Tanzanian geothermal expertise. On a visit to Kenya this month, 32 members of the Tanzanian Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Mining toured the Menengai Geothermal Station, with leaders agreeing to enter a partnership for geothermal exploration in Tanzania. The plan is to mirror the steps that have been taken to develop geothermal energy in Kenay, and details will include training for four top Ministry of Energy staff in Tanzania by Kenya’s Geothermal Development Company. Tanzania’s geothermal activities will also be supported by the African Development Bank.

Uganda: Services Claim Rejected
A claim by Apex Petroleum Uganda that it was owed $60 million for services related to a geothermal project has been rejected. “AAE has ample information that refutes these allegations which we believe are based solely upon Mutimba’s unjustified attempt to procure a monetary settlement from AAE,” according to the statement by US company AAE Systems.


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