Quebec’s energy policy; Jamaica gets serious about geothermal

In Canada, Quebec considers geothermal in its plans for new energy policy. In Jamaica, a development team is intent on generating the island’s potential geothermal resources.

Canada: Quebec Considers New Energy Policy
Jamaica: Team is Focused on Developing Jamaican Geothermal Potential

Canada: Quebec Considers New Energy Policy
The Quebec government is preparing to draw up new energy policy for the province. reported this will include production of renewable energies including geothermal energy to foster development and innovation. As things stand now, Quebec is not expected to meet the 25% by 2020 reduction target. A provincial commission to studying Quebec’s energy future was hearing public testimony in Montreal this week and is expected to return on Oct. 11 for additional public hearings.

Jamaica: Team is Focused on Developing Jamaican Geothermal Potential
Updates highlighting Krishna Vaswani and partners, who made their Jamaican geothermal development intentions known early this year, show that they are narrowing down their list of potential project sites for construction they tell press could begin in 2016 ( GEA staff industry analyst Ben Matek noted that there were not projects far enough along to be included in the recent International Market Overview. But with the news, this brings his count of countries developing geothermal projects worldwide to a total 71.

GEA news noted in January 2013: Vaswani, a geographer and businessman, was one of six entrepreneurs pitching plans in response to a Request for Proposal from the Jamaican Office of Utilities Regulation that solicited supply of up to 115 MW of renewable generating capacity to the national grid ( (PDF)). They estimated Jamaica’s geothermal energy capacity at 100 MW, and did not end up going for that bid; but this did not deter their development plans.

The 12 springs listed as having geothermal potential are: Guava River Spring, Bath Spring, Mt Felix Spring and Garbrand Hall Spring – all in St Thomas; Rockfort Spring in Kingston; Ferry Hill Spring in St Catherine; Salt River Spring and Milk River Spring in Clarendon; Black River Spring in St Elizabeth; Windsor Spring and Yankee River Spring in St Ann; and Buxton Spring in Westmoreland. GEA’s Geothermal: International Market Overview Report (May 2012, PDF) noted, “Geothermal energy has the potential to help meet the Caribbean’s rising electricity demand, mitigate its high electricity prices, and make it less dependent on fossil fuel generation.”

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