Alternative Earth advances 4 U.S. projects; GEA updates NPUC on geothermal benefits; MidAmerican executive honored; Ormat, eBay partner on REG

GEA members are making headlines: Alternative Earth Resources advances four geothermal projects in the Western U.S. GEA highlights benefits of geothermal energy to Nevada’s PUC. A MidAmerican Energy Holdings executive is honored by Alma mater U of Alberta. Ormat Technologies is working with eBay Inc. on Recovered Energy Generation for a Salt Lake City-Based data center.

Alternative Earth Resources Advances Four Geothermal Projects in Western U.S.
GEA Highlights Benefits of Geothermal Energy to NPUC
MidAmerican Energy Holdings: U of Alberta Honors Energy Executive
Ormat Technologies: Agreement with eBay Inc. Provides REG Solution for Salt Lake City-Based Data Center

Alternative Earth Resources Advances Four Geothermal Projects in Western U.S.
Alternative Earth Resources Inc. has completed its restructuring process and greatly reduced its overhead over the past six months, the company said via press release. The Company reports progress on its four advanced projects prospective for geothermal development and electricity production in the Western United States. Alternative Earth adds it is interested in joint venturing or selling projects.

The Company’s four geothermal leaseholds comprise the New Truckhaven property in Imperial Valley, California; the Pumpernickel and North Valley properties in northern Nevada; and a 50% interest in the Crump Geyser property which it owns with Ormat Nevada Inc. in Lake County, Oregon. “These properties, at different stages of exploration and development, cover aggregate inferred resources totaling approximately 200 MW,” says the company.

GEA Highlights Benefits of Geothermal Energy to NPUC
On September 18, the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) filed comments in response to the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada’s (NPUC) request, referring to the implementation of Senate Bill 123, through Docket Number 13-06023. Aside from the GEA organization, individual members also filed comments, including Enel Green Power NA, Ormat Nevada, and NV Energy.

GEA’s comments state, “The Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) would like to highlight to the Commission a few of the many benefits geothermal power provides to the State of Nevada. GEA respectfully requests the Commission consider these benefits in approving renewables to meet the 300 MW’s of new projects envisioned in SB 123.

“GEA represents almost 30 geothermal energy companies and organizations with headquarters or satellite offices in Nevada. According to GEA’s latest statistics there are nearly 520 MW of nameplate geothermal capacity in Nevada and over a 1050 MW of economically viable geothermal power under development that could become operational within the next decade.”

Comments state, “GEA’s members look forward to participating in the solicitations that will result from the SB123 rule making and anticipate that geothermal power’s attributes will be fairly valued in the competitive process to follow.” Comments and files on Docket No. 13-06023, “Rulemaking to address an emissions reduction and capacity replacement plan and other matters related thereto in accordance with Senate Bill 123,” are available at

MidAmerican Energy Holdings: U of Alberta Honors Energy Executive
The University of Alberta is honoring Greg Abel, chief executive of MidAmerican Energy Holdings, with its Distinguished Alumni Award for his role in the U.S. energy transformation “toward a greener future,” notes Abel worked for accounting firm PriceWaterhouseCooper after graduation and was hired by customer geothermal energy firm CalEnergy where he worked specifically with geothermal for a time. “My energy background from Alberta was relevant, and while I was happy to join them on the financial side, in a short time I wanted to become more involved in the operational side,” he told press. “I was an accountant who wanted to be in the field, and I spent a year at their geothermal power plant at Ridgecrest, two hours east of Los Angeles.” GEA member CalEnergy was later acquired by MidAmerican.

Ormat Technologies: Agreement with eBay Inc. Provides REG Solution for Salt Lake City-Based Data Center
Ormat Press Release (Reno, NV) Sept. 26 — Ormat Technologies, Inc.’s (NYSE:ORA) wholly owned subsidiary entered a Joint Development Agreement with eBay Inc. for the development of a five-megawatt Recovered Energy Generation (REG) power plant to be constructed in Utah. The Joint Development Agreement allows Ormat and eBay Inc. to advance negotiations on a 20-year term contract and begin preliminary development work to supply cleaner electricity to eBay Inc.’s new Salt Lake City-based data center.

“We commend eBay Inc.’s commitment to sustainable commerce and look forward to helping them achieve their clean energy goals,” said Yoram Bronicki, president and chief operating officer for Ormat. “We’re hopeful that our work with eBay Inc. will continue to promote REG as a predictable, environmentally friendly energy source that provides a hedge against the variability of fossil fuel costs.

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