New and Old: Geothermal on Letterman and geothermal on early Earth

This week, a Stanford University professor plugs geothermal on the late-night TV circuit, while a Texas Tech University paleontologist explains geothermal’s role on early Earth.

Stanford Guest Discusses Renewables on Letterman Show
Paleontologist’s Theory Shows Geothermal’s Early Role

Two university representatives show very different sides of the geothermal spectrum this week.

Stanford University professor Mark Jacobson made an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman in October to discuss renewable energy. Jacobsen described the types of renewable resources that are available in the U.S., in regard to both current use and unused potential. “Policies need to be shifted toward wind, solar, geothermal and electric cars,” he said. Letterman himself added that he has installed wind, solar, and geothermal at his house.

An article on describes Texas Tech University Paleontologist Dr. Sankar Chatterjee’s theory on how life began on planet Earth. As part of his discoveries Chatterjee “believes he’s discovered how the first single-celled organisms formed in hydrothermal crater basins” with geothermal venting playing a major role.

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