Geothermal in the Americas: Canada, Nevis

Geothermal news briefs from around the Americas feature Canada and Nevis.

*Canada: Minnesota Startup to Test CO2 as Potential Conductor for Geothermal Energy
*Nevis: Clinton Foundation Visits

An article on M.I.T.’s discusses the idea of turning carbon dioxide storage sites into geothermal power plants, thus eliminating the need for water and expanding geothermal technology to new locations. The article notes a company planning to test this technology next year at an oil well in Canada: Heat Mining, cofounded by Martin Saar, a professor of geology and geophysics at the University of Minnesota. Relatedly, researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are planning a demonstration at a CCS site with a pre-existing injection well and a source of carbon dioxide.

Meanwhile representatives of the island of Nevis, which for a few years has worked on getting its first geothermal project underway, recently met with two members of the Clinton Foundation to discuss working together. “We are at that point where we are discussing with them and selecting the best proposal and the best company to do the work for us and so your coming this morning has helped us to have a better understanding of where your foundation, the Clinton Foundation, stands on this and your offer,” Nevis Premier Vance Amory was quoted following the meeting.

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