Geo news briefs in U.S. states: California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Oregon

News briefs about geothermal energy in U.S. states.

*California: Proposed Hydraulic Fracturing Regulations Issued
*Hawaii: Geothermal Announcement Delayed
*New Mexico: Renewables Target Reduced
*Oregon: Oregon City to Fund Geo Heating

The California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources has now issued its proposed regulations to implement a permitting system for hydraulic fracturing as well as proposed revisions governing construction of wells and well casings. Emergency regulations “to ensure that the major requirements of SB 4 are addressed in the interim” are expected around December 13.

The geothermal industry in Hawaii awaits news of Hawaii Electric Light Company (HELCO)’s winning bidder for its geothermal RFP. The announcement has been delayed, according to HELCO’s site.

The state of New Mexico PRC voted to change how much each kWh of renewable energy is worth in credits, including geothermal, which is how the state keeps track of how much renewable energy power providers are using. Now a utility could get credit for 10,000 kWh if it uses only a fraction of that. So although the percentage did not change, the state’s renewable target was reduced.

Meanwhile, Oregon City, Oregon is taking steps toward geothermal as it moves forward in its plans for greater energy efficiency. The city’s council approved special assessments to fund geothermal heating over a 15 year period.

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