Geo energy news briefs in U.S. states: Hawaii, Oregon

Geothermal energy developments around the United States.

*Hawaii: HELCO Working with Geo RFP Bidders; Mayor Asks for EA at Big Island Geothermal Site
*Oregon: Lakeview System Opens
*New Mexico: Geothermal Jobs on the Rise

Hawaii Electric Light Company has finally broken its silence regarding the six bids to its geothermal RFP, saying that none of the six bids have yet met the proposal requirements. Their Web site notes this “will give the bidders the opportunity to provide additional information so that we can make an informed decision that is in the best interests of our customers and residents and that meets the goals of the Geothermal RFP.”

Following up on a report by the Geothermal Public Health Assessment Study Group, Mayor of Hawai’i Island Billy Kenoi has asked for an environmental assessment of a Puna area geothermal site. The site is leased by the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawai’i Authority.

A $3.7 million geothermal system is opening in Lakeview, Oregon that will heat the town’s schools and its hospital. Much of the project was funded by a federal loan.

Geothermal energy development is a way to “earn more money for the people of New Mexico and to better protect our lands and the environment,” according to a guest post on Sierra Club’s Web site by Land Commissioner Ray Powell. He mentions Cyrq’s 10-MW project and agreement with Public Service Company of New Mexico, as well as HB85, 2013’s geothermal royalty bill, designed to attract companies to state lands by matching federal royalty rates.

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