Geothermal Expert Photographs International Travels

One geothermal expert has cataloged his travels around the world through photography.

Sam Abraham has traveled around the world in his geothermal development work, and he brings his camera with him. Above: In Olkaria, Kenya, he met a local giraffe who strolled peacefully past the geothermal piping.

One geothermal expert has cataloged his numerous business-related travels through photography. The images capture a variety of geo-dominated landscapes in Kenya, Dominica, Hawai’i, and Ethiopia: these are some of the regions of the world where geothermal resources of Earth’s heat provide clean, natural electricity.

Sam Abraham shares some of those photographs here.

In Kalapana, on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Abraham got a close-up of the lava flow:


Hawai’i, famous for its rainbows, put on a display for Abraham not far from Kalapana. The huge rainbow frames the Puna Geothermal Power Plant:


Abraham grabbed a snapshot in Wotten Waven, Dominica, that shows geothermal steam rising through the foliage at a hot spring:

samabraham_Hot spring

Another rainbow, this time across the world at Hell’s Gate National Park, Kenya, seems to point to a pot of gold underneath the geothermal rig:


In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Abraham liked the aesthetics of a sample “old but gold” equipment:


Abraham is Business Development Manager for Sub Saharan Africa at Baker Hughes.

Do you and your company have geothermal-related photographs to share? Send them to the Geothermal Energy Association to see them featured with you or your company’s name in our next feature article, white paper, or report. Send them to and

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