Geothermal news briefs from China, India, and Northern Marianas

Geothermal is progressing in China, India, and the Northern Marianas Islands.

*China: Beijing Encourages GHPs
*India: MOU Signed for Geo Energy Project in Chhattisgarh
*Northern Marianas Islands: CUC Developing Geothermal

In China, Beijing is expected to encourage the use of geothermal heat pumps in new public construction, industrial buildings, and residences.

In India, “A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between NTPC and Geological Survey of India today…for preparation of DPR (Detailed Project Report) for geothermal power project at Tattapani,” located in Chhattisgarh, NTPC said in a statement. NTPC currently operates hydro power and gas-fired plants in the country.

The Commonwealth Utilities Corp. of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands will soon issue two Requests for Proposals for renewable energy, specifically, for geothermal exploration and for the integrated resource planning, according to local press. The plan incorporates results of the “Renewable Energy Integration Study” which sought to identify which alternative resources to use. “Available information suggests that the geothermal gradient beneath Saipan may be sufficiently steep to provide geothermal energy to generate electricity. To address this potential, CUC is soliciting proposals from qualified firms to collect and evaluate scientific data to better determine the potential for development of geothermal energy on Saipan,” said CUC representative Alan Fletcher.

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