Geothermal energy news from Kenya and Uganda

In East Africa, Kenya and Uganda governments are making moves in geothermal energy.

*Kenya: Kenya Power Head Addresses Plan to Reduce Blackouts, Cut Power Bills
*Uganda: Ministry to Open Geothermal Resources Department

Speaking in his new position as managing director for Kenya Power, Ben Chumo said geothermal energy will play a large role in his plan for reducing blackouts and cutting power bills.

In Uganda, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development will open a new geothermal resources department specifically for Earth heat resources. “In order to fast track the development of geothermal energy, the Government is establishing a geothermal resources department,” Vincent Kato, the principal geologist in the department of geology survey and mines, told press. “This is awaiting a certificate of financial implication from the finance ministry. This department will steer geothermal energy development in Uganda,” Kato added. The Ugandan government is undertaking surface studies in several potential geothermal development areas. Support for geothermal assistance is also coming from Japan International Cooperation Agency.

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