Geothermal industry news about the Caribbean Region, Canada, and Honduras

Development and policy updates for the geothermal industry around the Americas.

*Caribbean Region Moving Forward with Geothermal Energy
*Canada: Nova Scotia Gets First Municipal Geothermal Project
*Honduras: State Power Firm to Reorganize and Open to Private Investment

An article on this week discusses the Caribbean’s recent developments in geothermal energy facilities and prospects for expansion across the region.

In Nova Scotia, Canada, Natural Resources Minister Zach Churchill signed a special lease for the first municipal geothermal program in the province. Mayor Maxwell Snow of Springhill where the project will be located told press, “This program will help to develop Springhill’s geothermal resource and possibly lead to creating a utility that will help all of Nova Scotia, the economy and the environment.”

In Honduras this week, the news that the government is reorganizing the state power firm means that opportunities for private investment will open up in a country that utilizes geothermal power. The current firm will be broken up into three entities, for generation, transmission and distribution, that will all work with private investors.

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