Geothermal news briefs from India, New Zealand, and the Philippines

Business and construction updates on geothermal energy from the Asia-Pacific region.

*India: Pan Global Eyeing Geothermal Partnership
*New Zealand: Local Experts Discuss Geothermal Energy
*Philippines: Repairs at Leyte Continue, to be Completed by Q3
*Philippines: Company Certifies Rights to Geothermal Development and Incentives

Pan Global, Corp. is in discussions with a developer in India to form a geothermal partnership. Pan Global would provide financing, and management told press, “The Company has previously indicated that one of its focus areas within the renewable energy sector is geothermal energy production, so we are very pleased to be able to report about our entry into preliminary discussions on this front to our shareholders.”

In New Zealand, representatives of Contact Energy and GNS will discuss climate change and geothermal energy in a TV documentary, Keeping it Pure, on Sunday January 26. Additionally, a workshop on geothermal direct heat for commercial applications is coming up in February. “We have focused the workshop particularly on lower-demand, direct heat applications as this allows landowners and businesses to access geothermal energy without the high cost and risk associated with deep bore exploration typical of major geothermal power generation plants,” Grow Rotorua Chief Executive Officer Francis Pauwels told press.

In the Philippines, Energy Development Corp (EDC) has completed repairs on Malitbog geothermal power plant, which sustained damage in Typhoon Yolanda in November. EDC had previously resumed partial operations at the Tongonan, Upper Mahiao and Leyte optimization plants, all part of the Unified Leyte Geothermal Power complex, which were also damaged. The whole of the 650-MW field should be back in operation during Q3 of this year, or, “around August and possibly earlier depending on the availability of spares, which is dependent on manufacturing lead-time,” EDC president and COO Richard B. Tantoco told press.

Also in the Philippines, Basic Energy Corp. has been confirmed with the government for the right to explore and develop geothermal resources located in Magallanes, Juban, Irosin, Magdalena, Matnog and Bulan in Sorsogon, and secures related incentives. The certificate of registration “shall serve as a basis of entitlement to incentives of Basic Energy Corp. under Republic Act. No. 9513, otherwise known as the Renewable Energy Act of 2008,” local press noted.

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