Geothermal news briefs from California and Hawaii

U.S. States: A article looks at what’s happening with geothermal at the Salton Sea, while in Hawaii, Innovations Development Group wants to move forward with the native-to-native geothermal model.

*California: Geothermal Bill Pulled
*Hawaii: Native-to-Native Development Model

An article on discusses Assemblyman V. Manuel Pérez’s decision last week to pull a bill that supported geothermal energy as an economic and environmental recovery option in aiding Salton Sea restoration. The Assemblyman told press he did not want customer rates to be raised in association with geothermal development.

The Honolulu Civil Beat featured an editorial this week by Patricia Brandt, the CEO of Innovations Development Group (IDG), a Native Hawaiian company looking to provide geothermal energy in Hawaii. The company is taking the approach of working jointly with the community, and has been successful with this type of model in New Zealand. “Unlike the typical pure profit-maximization model, IDG’s native-to-native model makes the community the centerpiece of its approach,” Brandt writes. The state’s Clean Energy goal seeks 70% clean energy by 2030.

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