Geothermal updates from Canada and St. Lucia

Geothermal around the Americas: British Columbia sells a geothermal permit, while early exploration for geothermal in St. Lucia is promising.

*Canada: British Columbia Sells Geothermal Permit
*St. Lucia: Early Studies Show Strong Geothermal Potential

In a geothermal tenure sale on January 21, the government sold one parcel in northern British Columbia. The 2,865-hectare parcel near Lakelse Lake sold for $100,000. The Ministry of Energy and Mines said in a statement, “Permits expire on the first anniversary of date of issue, but may be renewed up to seven times. If the proponent discovers a geothermal resource, they may apply to convert the permit to a lease, which provides the right to produce geothermal energy. There are annual work requirements and rent associated with a geothermal permit.”

St. Lucia’s government along with World Bank are looking at geothermal energy potential at the Sulphur Springs area, and early results are promising. Minister for Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology, Dr. James Fletcher, told press, “What we heard from the team was very encouraging. They seem to think that we have a very good resource on our hands,” he said. “There are one or two challenges; our Sulphur Springs is a very aggressive chemical environment. The acidity there is quite high and that’s one of the things we have to look at – what would be the best place to drill.”

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