GEA’s international weekly roundup of geothermal headlines

“Weekly news roundup for international geothermal markets”

Geothermal photos via Twitter users @DruaMika in Papua New Guinea and @NatlParksPhotos in Wyoming
Geothermal photos via Twitter users @DruaMika in Papua New Guinea and @NatlParksPhotos in Wyoming

This week’s international roundup brings you headlines from Alaska, Kansas, New York, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Australia, China, Indonesia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Taiwan, and Turkey.

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U.S. States

*Alaska: Public-Private Partners Gaining Insight at Nome Resource
In light of recent testing at the long-studied Pilgrim Hot Springs geothermal site at Nome, Alaska House of Representatives member Ethan Berkowitz commented on the opportunities. “Alaska has a lot of energy resources and a lot of energy needs,” told press. “This is the opportunity to marry the two of them together. We have a great geothermal resource at Pilgrim, and we’ve engaged in the research that’s necessary, we’ve found a public partner, a private partner and we were able to develop a project in such a way that solves the needs of the community.” He said, “Largely spearheaded by the efforts of ACEP, the Alaska Center for Energy & Power, we were able to create a map of understanding about the resource which attracted private investment and that kind of public private partnership really sets a model for solving Alaska’s energy problems.” []

*Kansas: IKEA Completes Underground Work on Geothermal System
IKEA has completed the underground work for a geothermal system to be used in a new Kansas City store location. This will be IKEA’s second store in the nation to use geothermal for its heating and cooling. []

*New York: Geo Heat Pump System Controls Climate at Cell Phone Tower
Cornell University and Verizon Wireless have partnered to build a geothermal heat pump cooling system for climate control at a cell phone tower. The project is a possible industry model, and data collection and testing is ongoing. At the University’s campus the project is led by graduate student Koenraad Beckers and adviser Jeff Tester. []


*Ethiopia: $203 Million Agreement Signed for Geothermal Projects
On June 10, the government of Ethiopia represented by Finance and Economic State Minister Ahmed Shide, and World Bank Country Representative Guang Z. Chen signed a US$203 million financial agreement for the development of geothermal energy. Two potential geothermal sites, the Aluto Langano and Alalobad, will be funded for exploration. []

The Americas

*El Salvador: Geothermal Diploma Course Underway
The 2014 Geothermal Diploma Course was launched on June 6 at the University of El Salvador, in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank. Twenty-six students are expected to train for five months in areas of exploration geology, geochemistry and geophysics, drilling techniques for geothermal wells, geothermal plant planning, environmental and social management of geothermal projects. The students will also gain field experience. []

Asia and the Pacific

*Australia: Heating and Cooling Systems Popular in Capital City
Geothermal for heating and cooling systems is becoming a popular option in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. [ABC/Yahoo]

*China: Underground Hotel will Feature Geothermal System
Shanghai is the site of a new project to build a huge underground hotel. The project is located at the site of a quarry and will utilize geothermal energy. The Shimao Intercontinental Hotel, to be part of a larger theme park called Shanghai Shimao Wonderland, is scheduled to open in late 2014 or early 2015. []

*Indonesia: Feed-in Tariffs Could Pass This Month
A Draft Bill that would include feed-in tariffs for geothermal energy could be passed this month, Jero Wacik, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, has said. The move could help address the national power deficit by encouraging investment in and construction of geothermal plants. “By providing an attractive feed in tariff scheme, this will surely stimulate investment flows,” Wacik told press. []

*The Philippines and New Zealand: Geothermal Company Partnership Extended
Energy Development Corp. (EDC), based in The Philippines, and New Zealand’s Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd. (GNS) have extended their partnership on geothermal projects for another year. GNS will study the potential geothermal energy resources at EDC project sites and will assist with overseas prospects. []

*The Philippines: Bacman Plant Resumes Operations
The EDC’s Bacman geothermal plant has resumed operations. Two of its units were taken offline last year to fix vibration problems, and one of them went back online in March, while the other has just now returned to full power. []

*Taiwan: Regulation and Funding are Challenges to Geo Development
Experts seem to agree Taiwan has geothermal energy development potential, but must overcome regulation and funding challenges. Song Sheng-rong, a professor at National Taiwan University’s Department of Geosciences, quoted an estimated 33,640 MW potential total in four main areas — Hualien and Taitung, Nantou, Yilan and the Tatun Volcano Group in Taipei. []


*Turkey: Well Spudded for Kocaköy Geothermal Project
After completing a period of advanced exploration methods to generate a geothermal conceptual model, a first well (KOC-1) was spudded on May 22 in Çanakkale for Transmark Turkey’s Kocaköy geothermal project. Çanakkale is an active geothermal area and is also home to the 7.5-MW Tuzla Geothermal Power Plant. []

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