GEA’s international weekly roundup of geothermal headlines

“Weekly news roundup for international geothermal markets”

Geothermal photos via Twitter users @USTDA in Kenya and @greenpwrmonitor in Iceland

This week’s international roundup brings you headlines from California, Utah, Kenya, Dominica, The Philippines, Iceland, Portugal, and Spain.

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U.S. States

*California: Cap-and-Trade Revenue to Fund Housing and Transit
Gov. Jerry Brown’s (D) and California state lawmakers reached agreement June 12 on spending revenues from California’s carbon cap-and-trade auctions. Funds will go toward high-speed rail, public transit, affordable housing and communities located near jobs and transportation. The state expects to see up $870 million in fiscal 2014-15 from its sales of greenhouse gas pollution permits to businesses. After that, the program is estimated to bring in up to $5 billion annually for fiscal 2015-16 and beyond. []

*California: Salt River Project Buys More Geothermal Power
The Salt River Project will add to its geothermal portfolio with 37 MW power from the Salton Sea Known Geothermal Resource Area of Imperial Valley, California. The contract with CalEnergy adds to an existing 50-MW supply, creating a new total 87 MW of geothermal power. []

*California: Tesla Considers Lithium from Salton Sea Geothermal Brine
Company Tesla is seeking sources of lithium for the batteries it uses in auto production, and could tap into resources at the Salton Sea. []

*Utah: Grad Student Leads Geo Feasibility Project
A University of Utah graduate student is leading a project into the feasibility of geothermal energy at Logan, Utah. “The project would provide a feasibility report for the development of CO2 geothermal in Logan, and ultimately it will offer a recommendation for efficient, low-cost, utility-scale electric energy for Logan City Light and Power,” Blake Thomas, Master’s student told press. []


*Kenya: Transcentury to Invest at Menengai
Transcentury Group Ltd has said the Menengai geothermal plant in Kenya will be part of its initial focus in a $500 million investment plan for infrastructure projects. []

The Americas

*Dominica: Laudat Well Productivity Proven
A six-day flow test shows productivity at the Laudat, Dominica geothermal well. The well shows potential for 11.4 MW of power production. “We have been able to attract and contract the best talent in the industry for the drilling process, the testing process, and the supervision component,” Minister for Energy Rayburn Blackmoore told press. []

Asia and the Pacific

*The Philippines: Davao del Sur Resource to be Auctioned
The DOE of the Philippines plans to auction the Davao del Sur geothermal resource area next quarter. “We are finalizing the terms of reference and target to conduct an open and competitive selection process for the area this third quarter of 2014,” press quoted Ariel D. Fronda, chief of the geothermal energy division. The area has surface temperature ranging between 66-700C and a potential capacity of 20 MW. []

*The Philippines: Mindoro Operation Expected in 2016
Emerging Power, Inc. expects to produce electricity at its 40-MW geothermal project in Naujan province, Mindoro Island, by mid-2016. []


*Iceland: BMW Uses Geothermal Energy for Computing Operations
Car company BMW moved computing operations to Iceland to take advantage of geothermal power in its business. The move saved around 3,570 metric tons of CO2 emissions and 82% of its operating costs. []

*Spain and Portugal: Paper Looks at EGS Potential
A new academic paper titled “An estimation of the enhanced geothermal systems potential for the Iberian Peninsula” explores geothermal energy potential in Spain and Portugal. [;]

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