Weekly roundup: International Geothermal Markets

“Weekly news roundup for international geothermal markets”

Geothermal photos via Twitter users @IcelandinFocus in Iceland and @CruiseBubble in New Zealand

This week’s international roundup brings you headlines from California, Hawaii, Kenya, Canada, Nevis, Indonesia, The Solomon Islands, Germany, and Romania.

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U.S. States

*California: Bill Considers Integration Costs for Renewable Sources
A new bill in California, AB 2363 or the Renewable Energy Diversity Act, would direct the Public Utilities Commission to consider integration and operation cost estimates for eligible renewable energy resources. The bill was introduced by Assemblyman Brian Dahle. [fierceenergy.com]

*California: Video Features EGS at Bottle Rock Plant
A video segment on bbc.com features Susan Petty, AltaRock Energy, explaining current Enhanced Geothermal System stimulations at the Bottle Rock geothermal plant in northern California. The company is using a process called hydroshearing at the existing geothermal wells. The process pumps in just enough cold water to smooth rough cracks so more steam can get through, and the project seeks to increase productivity.

*Hawaii: County to Conduct Geothermal Health Study
Hawaii County will be requesting proposals for a health impact study on geothermal development in Puna. The study was recommended by the Geothermal Public Health Assessment Study Group. [hawaiitribune-herald.com]


*Kenya: East Africa Resources Reviewed in Technical Meeting
Geothermal representatives from countries across the world met for UNEP’s technical review meeting of the Silali and Tendaho projects in Kenya and Ethiopia, held in Nairobi through the African Rift Geothermal Development Facility (ARGeo) Project. A review of proposals on pre-feasibility studies at Kinigi, Rwanda geothermal prospect was also on the agenda. [coastweek.com]

*Kenya: Geothermal to Cut Costs by Replacing Diesel
A Parliamentary Report on the Geothermal Development Company showed 59 wells of geothermal energy in Olkaria and 22 in Menengai, local news reported. Kenya could save up to Sh44 billion by replacing imported diesel.

The Americas

*Canada: Historic Church Gets Geothermal System
The historic Church of Our Lady in Guelph, Ontario Canada, has been fitted with a new geothermal heating and cooling system. [guelphmercury.com]

*Nevis: Contract Ruling Upheld
West Indies Power had hoped to regain its contract to develop geothermal energy in Nevis, but a new court ruling upholds a decision that the contract is no longer valid. [winnfm.com]

Asia and the Pacific

*Indonesia: New Chapter Ahead for Geothermal Development
In early June, work began in North Sumatra on the $1.6 billion Sarulla plant, which will be the largest single geothermal contract in the world. At the same time the government has announced plans for energy pricing and land acquisition that could signal prioritization for the archipelago’s enormous geothermal resources. [asia.nikkei.com, globalindonesianvoices.com]

*The Solomon Islands: Geothermal Plan Includes Subsea Cable
On ABC Radio Australia, Geodynamics chief executive Geoff Ward added insight to the newly approved plans for Savo Islands geothermal facility. Power could be delivered via subsea cable to Honiara.


*Germany: Geothermal Terms Prolonged for Project Timelines
The German Parliament has just passed a new Renewable Energy Law, including a geothermal component to prolong intermediary terms for the introduction of tender. “The prolonging of the fix tariffs is important, as the planning and construction time for geothermal installation takes a comparably long time,” Dr. Erwin Knapek, the president of the German Geothermal Association, is quoted. [thinkgeoenergy.com]

*Romania: Grants Awarded for Geothermal District Heating
Icelandic firms have been selected for grants for geothermal district heating projects in Romania. Mannvit and ISOR will create the Timisoara district heating project, while Iceland Geothermal Engineering will work on the Oradea project. [thinkgeoenergy.com]

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