International roundup: Geothermal in Colorado, Uganda, Indonesia and more

This post brings you geothermal news from Colorado, Kenya, Uganda, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Turkey.

Geothermal photos via Twitter users @alinakhantravel and @DGGeothermal


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U.S. States

*Colorado: $2 Million Awarded to Pagosa Geothermal Project
This week the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) awarded a grant for nearly $2 million to the Pagosa Area Geothermal Water and Power Authority (PAGWPA) for the latter “to confirm the presence of geothermal resources whereby such geothermal resources can be developed as a possible power source for the area.” PAGWPA is partnering with geothermal company Pagosa Verde for exploratory geothermal well drilling and data analysis. The team will drill a total six of wells to gather temperature, geophysical and geological information.


*Kenya: Olkaria 1 Unit 5 Begins Operations
KenGen in Kenya has connected Olkaria 1 Unit 5 to the grid, bringing online the final 72 MW of a full 280-MW project. KenGen Managing Director Albert Mugo was quoted in press: “We not only see it as a score for KenGen, but also for Kenyans in general as it helps to further reduce the cost of power by displacing the expensive thermal fuel. At the same time, it will help stabilise the country’s power supply by reducing dependence on hydro, which is prone to weather variations.”

*Uganda: UN Program Discusses Geothermal Partnership
Representatives of the newly created United Nations body on climate, the Climate Technology Centre Network (CTCN) have named Uganda as a potential geothermal partner.

Asia and the Pacific

*Indonesia: Ministry Looking to Tender 25 New Geothermal Sites
The Indonesian government is looking at 25 new geothermal development sites with a total 1,225 MW potential capacity. The total required investment is estimated at $4.6 billion. Indonesia has a goal to raise geothermal energy to 7.1% of the country’s total energy mix by 2025. Currently Indonesia has 31 geothermal projects under development. Rida Mulyana, an official at Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources told press that although the private sector has been unhappy about the internal rate of return, “Regulation 17/2014 provides room for price renegotiations if the investor believes that the price that was set during the tender is too low. However, for reasons of certainty, investors want desirable prices to be settled during the tender process rather than adjusting these afterwards.”

*New Zealand: More Geothermal Produced Than Gas
New Zealand is working on a target of 90% renewable energy by 2025, and in 2014, measures up at 79%. This year geothermal produced more power for the country than gas for the first time; geothermal 16.3%, gas 15.8%, for the year ended October 30. Contact Energy Chief executive Dennis Barnes told press gas prices had more than doubled in a decade leading Contact, as well as company Mighty River Power, to develop more geothermal.


*Turkey: Geothermal Sector Could See $125 Million Influx from Multilateral Banks
A funding initiative under consideration by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) supports framework for early-stage geothermal development in Turkey. The project would partner $100 million from EBRD and $25 million from the Clean Technology Fund. The funds would be made available to private sector developers operating in Turkey.

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