International roundup: Geothermal in Michigan, Grenada, Nevis, Fiji, Armenia and more

This post brings you geothermal news from Michigan, Texas, Grenada, Nevis, Fiji, Indonesia, The Philippines and Armenia.


Click below to read this week’s international geothermal roundup.

U.S. States

*Michigan: University Tool Calculates Geothermal Heating Payback
Michigan Technological University announced an area guidebook on the feasibility of using mine water for geothermal heating and cooling. Community members can use a calculator tool to see how mine water geothermal works, locate the nearest mine shaft and calculate installation and pay-back.

*Texas: University Studies Heating and Cooling Road with Geothermal
Researchers at The University of Texas at Arlington are studying the use of geothermal piping to heat and cool Texas roads — heating during winter months to melt snow and ice, and cooling the roads during the summer months to increase their longevity. The team is on a 17-month, $193,000 grant from the Texas Department of Transportation.

The Americas

*Grenada: Geothermal Potential Being Analyzed
Geological and geochemical surveys at 12 geothermal sites on Grenada island have been completed. Analysis is expected to be completed this month.

*Nevis: Caribbean Development Bank to Fund Exploration, Construction
The Caribbean Development Bank plans to assist Nevis with its geothermal project. President William Warren Smith told press, “We have the resources to enable the project to do the exploration phase, technical assistance to design the project and build the power plant and the related facilities that will necessitate the movement from production to delivery of electricity to customers.”

Asia and the Pacific

*Fiji: Geothermal Can Supplement Hydro
Geothermal Electric CEO Tim Daniel said in Fiji about the country’s current energy situation as it turns away from diesel power and find ways to supplement its hydro power such as geothermal. Daniel used the example of Costa Rica. He was quoted in local press that geothermal energy allowed Costa Rica to manage its hydro and continue to generate through droughts.

*Indonesia: Banks Produce Geothermal Report
A report from Asian Development Bank and the World Bank on the Indonesia geothermal industry suggests “a new tariff regime, improvements to the tendering process, re-negotiation of power purchase agreements, and innovative modes of financing and project de-risking,” according to

*The Philippines: Geothermal Leads Profits
Geothermal energy led Energy Development Corp.’s record profits last year. “We are now realizing the benefits from investments made for the Bacman plant rehabilitation works, the 150-MW Burgos wind, and the 49.4-MW Nasulo geothermal projects,” a statement quoted EDC President and Chief Operating Officer Richard B. Tantoco. EDC has also completed repairs at the Bacman unit.

Europe and Central Asia

*Armenia: CIF Approves $8.5 Million for Geothermal
Climate Investment Funds has approved USD 8.55 million in SREP grant funding for the Armenia Geothermal Exploratory Drilling Project.

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