International roundup: Geothermal in Alaska, Colorado, North Dakota, Mexico and The Philippines

This post brings you geothermal headlines from Alaska, Colorado, North Dakota, Mexico and The Philippines.


Click below to read this week’s international geothermal roundup.

U.S. States

*Alaska: Funding in Jeopardy for Unalaska Project
Lack of funding is stalling the geothermal project on Unalaska island. The city has provided funding for the private project in the past but told local press its funds were waning. There has also been a lack of firm commitment to distribute the power, despite Unalaska’s growth as a hub for fishing and new businesses. Supporters of the project were quoted that they would look to a change in city management for continued work on the project.

*Colorado: Rep. Polis Encourages Geothermal Development
In an interview this week on, U.S. Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) said he would like to see more geothermal energy development. Speaking about the environment and the future of energy use, he said: “Even those who are most optimistic about natural gas see it as a bridge fuel to get to a renewable energy economy. I’ve been focused on trying to bring about the renewable energy economy as quickly as possible.” Part of this, he said, includes “harnessing more geothermal power.”

*North Dakota: Bakken Project Ready to Flip the Switch
This week Bloomberg reported on the Continental Resources project in North Dakota to generate geothermal steam from oil wells. The geothermal generators are hooked to wastewater pipes and are “set to flip the switch any day,” Bloomberg writes. The method creates distributed power throughout the oil patch, project leader Will Gosnold with the University of North Dakota is quoted. “The economics makes a lot of sense over the lifetime of a field,” he said.

The Americas

*Mexico: Chadbourne Details New Permitting and Leasing
A NewsWire alert from Chadbourne ( looked at the new geothermal regulation framework in Mexico, which splits geothermal development into three phases. The three phases – reconnaissance, exploration and production – require separate permits and leases. Registration with the Ministry of Energy involves submitting evidence of an applicant’s legal, technical and financial capacity. Production concessions are only given to holders of exploration permits.

Asia and the Pacific

*The Philippines: New Geothermal Project Eyed for Luzon Market
PetroEnergy Resources Corp. (PERC) says it will begin exploration for its next Luzon geothermal project as early as next year. “Why Luzon? Because the power market is still here. There’s a huge potential here,” PERC Vice-President Francisco G. Delfin, Jr. told press. The company partnered with Maibarara Geothermal, Inc. on a successful 20-MW geothermal plant in Batangas and is currently working on expanding the capacity of that plant to 30 MW.

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