International roundup: Geothermal in Texas, Oman and Turkey

This post brings you geothermal headlines from Texas, Oman and Turkey.

Geothermal photos from Twitter users
Geothermal photos from Twitter users

Click below to read this week’s international geothermal roundup.

U.S. States

*Texas: Geothermal Could Power Water Desalination
An article on, “Using Geothermal Solutions to Desalinate Oil Field Water,” focuses on the idea of using geothermal to power water desalination at oil and gas fields in Texas. “[U]tilizing the thermal energy of the fluids produced from wells to power the desalination of the water could provide clean water with little to no grid-supplied electricity. Instead of trucking the produced water to a disposal well, at both considerable environmental and dollar expense, much of this unsuitable water could become a source of potable water. In sufficient quantity, water could evolve from an expense into a revenue stream for oil field operators,” according to the article.

Middle East

*Oman: Renewables and Efficiency Research Program Announced
Oman has announced OMR 7.36 million (USD 19m/EUR 17.6m) for a five-year research program on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Research will look at renewables in cooling and refrigeration applications, renewables for water desalination systems, energy efficiency and power generation and storage. Five research pilot projects will be chosen and evaluated for technical suitability in Oman. Possible technologies to be considered are: solar, wind, biomass, wave and tidal energy, geothermal energy or storage.


*Turkey: New Geo Plant Announced with 10 MW to be Completed This Year
A joint venture between New Generation Power International (NGPI)(U.S.), Yilsan Holding, Mineks International and DCM Energy have announced plans for a 100-MW geothermal project in northwest Turkey. A NGPI representative told press the initial 10 MW could be completed by the end of 2015, an additional 40 MW iby the end of 2016 and the remaining 50 MW by the end of 2017.

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