International roundup: Geothermal in California, Costa Rica, Mexico, Finland and Greece

This post brings you geothermal headlines from California, Costa Rica, Mexico, Finland and Greece.


Click below to read this week’s international geothermal roundup.

U.S. States

*California: LADWP Chooses Geothermal Over Coal
LA Department of Water and Power says it will invest in geothermal power to replace a recent divestment from the Navajo Generating Station coal station in Arizona. The company plans to divest completely from coal by 2025.

*California: Geysers Efficiency Project Approved
Lake County Planning Commission has approved pipeline construction that is expected to increase the efficiency of operations at The Geysers geothermal field. The plan includes 2,626 feet of pipeline over 24 acres between the West Ford Flat and Calistoga steamfields and 10-foot-deep placings for the pipeline footings. Once a construction contract is awarded the project should take three to four months to complete.

The Americas

*Costa Rica: Ministry Considers Geothermal Expansion Options
Costa Rica is looking to expand geothermal use in the country and is considering low- and medium-enthalpy projects, the ministry chief of staff deputy energy told press. The country already has about 13% of its power from geothermal energy and three additional geothermal projects will be built in Guanacaste over the next ten years.

*Mexico: Geothermal Fields Being Assessed by NZ Team
An article on New Zealand’s Scoop features Peter Wameyo and Michael Cheng of International Earth Sciences (IESE) who recently spent time assessing two geothermal sites in Mexico, one in Michoacan State and the other in Queretaro, with Federal Commission of Electricity of Mexico (CFE). The scientists told press they are analyzing the data and will then come up with a model of the results. “We will then do a feasibility study looking at whether the fields are suitable for geothermal energy projects and which areas should be developed,” Wameyo is quoted.

Europe and Central Asia

*Finland: Pilot Plant Under Construction
Fortum and St1 have begun work on their joint venture, a geothermal plant in Otaniemi near Espoo. Pilot drilling and a geological survey will be followed by two 7-km wells. The plant could have a 40-MW output for generation as soon as 2017. This is Finland’s first industrial-scale geothermal pilot plant.

*Greece and Russia: Agreement Signals Geothermal Cooperation
Russia’s state-run geological exploration services company, Rosgeologia, has signed an agreement with Damco Energy SA of Greece, to cooperate in “the integrated geological study of the Greek territory and replacement of solid mineral and hydrocarbon resources” and for “exclusive cooperation” in geothermal energy sources. This is one of several agreements aimed at expanding company operations.

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