Geothermal in California, Ethiopia, Chile and Vietnam

Geothermal energy in California, Ethiopia, Chile and Vietnam


Click below to for the international geothermal roundup.

U.S. States

*California: IID Files Lawsuit Against Caiso
The Imperial Irrigation District has filed a lawsuit on the California Independent System Operator regarding conflicts related to the maximum import capacity. Local news states the parties’ differences could affect the geothermal industry.

*California: Heber Expansion OK’d
A proposal to expand the existing Heber 1 geothermal power plant by Ormat Technologies has been OK’d by the Imperial County Board of Supervisors. The plan to expand includes an additional cooling tower and isopentane storage tank.

*California: Pagosa Geothermal Project Discussed
This week the Pagosa Area Geothermal Water and Power Authority (PAGWAPA) discussed Pagosa Verde’s geothermal exploration project, outlining some changes that need to be made regarding the deadline and scope of the project.


*Ethiopia: Japan Interested in Ethiopia’s Geothermal Sector
Ethiopia’s geothermal sector has been supported in the past by experience from Japan, including maps for 22 geothermal sites. This week, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)’s Maymu Hayashi said JICA wants to be further involved in the country’s geothermal growth.

The Americas

*Chile: Geothermal Asset Has Not Sold
Mighty River Power of New Zealand has turned its focus away from its foreign assets and has sold its German geothermal assets but been unable to find a buyer for its Chilean geothermal assets. The company is considering investing on additional site remediation.

Asia and the Pacific

*Vietnam: Government to Partner with Iceland on Geothermal
In Vietnam this week members of the Vietnamese ministry including the Foreign Minister and Secretary of Vietnam met with visiting counterparts from Iceland in conjunction with an official visit from the President of Iceland. As part of the discussions, the countries signed an agreement to partner on geothermal energy.

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