Geothermal in United Arab Emirates, St. Kitts and Nevis, Fiji, New Zealand, Hungary, Turkey and UK

This post brings you geothermal energy headlines from United Arab Emirates, St. Kitts and Nevis, Fiji, New Zealand, Hungary, Turkey and UK.


Click below for the international geothermal roundup.

Africa and the Middle East

*United Arab Emirates: Student Project Looks at Desalination Using Geothermal
Student projects at the Masdar Institute include one on desalination using geothermal energy. “Solar desalination will be implemented in the UAE, but I … thought it would be interesting to know about other [methods],” PhD candidate Savvina Loutatidou from Greece told press. Her research has shown geothermal desalination with low-level temperatures would cost approximately US$2.50 per cubic meter in the UAE.

The Americas

*St. Kitts and Nevis: St. Kitts Drilling Expected in April
Public Infrastructure Minister Hon. Ian Liburd recently said the Geothermal Power Plant for St. Kitts is expected to begin slimhole drilling in April 2016, and a workshop in November 2016 will focus on grants, subsidies and concession loans. The project could be commissioned by 2020, according to local press.

Asia and the Pacific

*Fiji: Workshop Discusses Geothermal in Pacific Islands
A recent workshop in Fiji included geothermal energy as one of its themes and was conducted as part of the activities of the International Renewable Energy Agency and the Global Geothermal Alliance. Topics included investment, policy, partnership and cooperation strategies for Pacific Island countries to accelerate renewable energy deployment.

*New Zealand and Indonesia: Nation’s Leaders Discuss Geothermal
National leaders discussed cooperation at a recent conference, including potential in the geothermal sector. “We invite New Zealand investors to invest in the geothermal energy sector,” Indonesian President Joko Widodo told New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.

Europe and Central Asia

*Hungary: Geothermal Facility Inaugurated
PannErgy’s newly inaugurated geothermal energy facility for the Bóny/Győr area will supply heating for vehicle-manufacturer Audi Hungaria as well as 24,000 households. Funding was provided by the government as well as the Hungarian Export-Import Bank. The project included two extraction wells, two reinjection wells, a power supply center and a 17-kilometer-long pipeline.

*Turkey: Geothermal Resources Utilized in New Gas Plant
A new gas facility in Denizli, Turkey uses technology innovation with the nearby Zorlu Energy geothermal electricity plant. The gas plant sources raw CO2 from the geothermal plant, according to local news.

*Turkey and Iceland: Companies Ready to Do Business, Minister Says
Geothermal companies in Iceland are interesting in increasing the geothermal business in Turkey. “Geothermal potential for Turkey is around 30,000 megawatts, if everything would be utilized. So, there is an enormous potential and I know that we have some Icelandic companies and engineering firms working with Turkish companies to examine some potential,” Agnheidur Elin Arnadottir, the Icelandic minister, is quoted in press.

*UK: Royal Award Recognizes Volcanology Research
An award to the University of Bristol includes recognition of work for the geothermal sector. Bristol’s Volcanology Research Group received the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher Education. One of its innovations involves satellite monitoring tools, which have been piloted in Ethiopia and help inform the geothermal energy sector.

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