Sixth Annual GEA Honors Seeking Entries, Geothermal Opportunities

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*Call for CVs – Consultancy for Technical Assistance and Capacity Building in East Africa
*Request for Quote – USTDA Geothermal Energy Project Desk Study
*Webinar: Applying Advanced Geophysical Software for Better Results in Geothermal Plays
*GEA Seeks Entries for the Best in Geothermal: Sixth Annual GEA Honors
*Notice of Public Workshop: Update Regarding the Status of the Salton Sea Management

Call for CVs

Consultancy for Technical Assistance and Capacity Building in East Africa

Deadline for receipt of CVs: OPEN

  1. Introduction

The U.S.-East Africa Geothermal Partnership (EAGP) was established in September 2012 to promote the development of geothermal energy resources and projects in East Africa. It also encourages and facilitates the involvement of the U.S. geothermal industry in the region. The EAGP program is a partnership between the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA), and is implemented by the U.S. Energy Association (USEA). EAGP currently focuses on three priority countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti.

EAGP is part of Power Africa. With the goal of doubling access to power in sub-Saharan Africa, Power Africa uses a wide range of U.S. government tools to support investment in Africa’s energy sector. From policy and regulatory best practices transfer, to pre-feasibility studies and capacity building, to long-term financing, insurance, guarantees, credit enhancements and technical assistance, Power Africa provides coordinated support to help African partners expand their generation capacity and access.

With an estimated 15,000 MW of potential geothermal capacity in East Africa, geothermal is a clean, reliable, baseload power solution critical to East Africa’s economic development. As the world leader in geothermal technology and installed capacity, the U.S. geothermal industry can provide quality capacity building, technical assistance and geothermal goods and services needed for East African countries to propel their geothermal markets.

EAGP aims to catalyze direct working relationships between U.S. and East African geothermal industry representatives, government institutions, regional entities, and other stakeholders. EAGP does this through technical assistance, capacity building seminars, meetings, and other exchanges.

EAGP is currently seeking industry professionals to work on a short-term consultancy basis to assist with providing trainings and/or workshops on various geothermal subject matters in East Africa. Possible subject matter may include, but are not limited to:

* Conceptual Model Development

* Geothermal Resource Development

* Geothermal Exploration

* Drilling Engineering

* Well Site Geology

* Drilling Management

* Project Management

* Well Testing

* Geothermal Reservoir Management

* Power Plant Efficiency

* Generation Optimization

* Maintenance Optimization

* Procurement Practices

* Community Relations

  1. Selection process

Selection processes for assignments will depend upon the individual task. EAGP activities are demand-driven and respond to evolving technical assistance and capacity building needs in East Africa. To be considered for individual assignments in the categories listed in Section 1, please submit a CV and cover letter detailing your expertise and experience.

  1. Contract type

A new contract will be issued for each training program or workshop, and work will be carried out under a fixed-cost contract or a cost-plus-fixed-fee contract.

  1. Schedule of services

    Planned support is ongoing through FY 2016 and FY 2017, however individual assignments typically involve no more than three weeks of consecutive travel in East Africa. Contracted consultants can also expect to spend additional time preparing materials prior to and after travel.

  2. Information required from interested parties

    EAGP invites eligible, experienced and qualified experts and companies to submit a CV and cover letter in order to be considered for upcoming technical assistance programs in East Africa.

  3. Contact information and due date

Additional information and clarifications may be requested from the following email address: Interested parties should send a letter of interest along with a resume or CV to Caity Smith at All email attachments should be in pdf-format with no more than two separate files. One combined file is preferred.

Submissions will remain open until all programming has been completed.

Request for Quote – USTDA Geothermal Energy Project Desk Study

On behalf of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, please see the links below for a Request for Quote regarding a geothermal energy project desk study specific to sub-Saharan Africa.


Solicitation Number: RFQ-PO201611109


Webinar: Applying Advanced Geophysical Software for Better Results in Geothermal Plays

March 31, 2016

Houston, Texas

3:00 PM CT

Paradigm brings over 30 years of scientific and technological advancements in the oil and gas, mining and environmental sectors to yet another industry, geothermal energy.

Please join our Webinar (3:00 PM CT) and learn how Paradigm’s market-leading software solutions can be adapted to geothermal.

Presenter:  Hassane Kassouf, Global Technical Business Director – Reservoir Modeling and Geologic Interpretation Solutions

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.


Integrated view of geologic model, microseismic data and stimulated rock volume

Geothermal resources and enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) are often associated with unique operational challenges due to extreme temperatures, pressures and complex geology.

How does Paradigm optimize resource development in geothermal plays, from simple to complex?

By integrating all geothermal resource information within a unified 3D reservoir modeling environment, we improve understanding of the relationships between water injection/steam production, induced seismicity, and fracture systems.  This leads to an ultimate understanding of fluid flow paths for long-term, sustainable reservoir management.

Paradigm’s integrated approach helps discover geoscience, drilling and reservoir engineering correlations critical for assessing and developing geothermal plays, and creates a centralized location for both data and interpretations.

This Webinar will address all of the above issues, as well as these additional topics:

*    Improved resource discovery and assessment

*    Multi-type data integration and management

*    Unified 3D visualization, geologic modeling and time-dependent data analysis

*    Thermal decline analysis and production forecasting

*    Seismicity monitoring and reporting

*    Natural and induced fracture detection

*    Well planning and drilling engineering

*    Risk assessment and mitigation

Hassane Kassouf is Global Technical Business Director for Paradigm’s Reservoir Modeling and Geologic Interpretation Solutions. He has over 10 years of experience employing his geologic knowledge and Paradigm’s technologies to help O&G companies make better decisions and increase efficiency in exploring, developing and producing hydrocarbons.  His expertise within asset development projects in the Middle East and North and South America spanned from devising and implementing technology strategies, to developing specialized geoscience workflows.  Hassane has a Geosciences Degree from the American University of Beirut.

Feel free to share this invitation with colleagues.  For more information, contact Alexandra Jordan by email or call 713-393-4942.

GEA Seeks Entries for the Best in Geothermal: Sixth Annual GEA Honors

Washington, D.C. (March 25, 2016) – Today the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) announced a call for entries for GEA Honors 2016, a program designed to showcase the most inspiring developments in the geothermal industry. Nominations are currently being accepted for the awards program. An application may be submitted for more than one award category. This year, awards will be given to the geothermal industry in the following categories:

Technological Advancement: Awarded to an individual or company that has developed a new, innovative or pioneering technology to further geothermal development.

Environmental Stewardship: Awarded to an individual or company that has fostered outstanding environmental stewardship through the use of geothermal systems.

Economic Development: Awarded to an individual or company that has made a substantial contribution to the development of local, regional or national markets through the development of geothermal systems.


Special Recognition: Nominations will also be accepted for special recognition of individuals and companies for outstanding achievement in the geothermal industry.

The GEA Honors program deadline for nominations is Friday, May 13. Winners will be announced on June 7 at a reception kicking off GEA’s Baseload Renewable Energy Summit in Reno. To submit an application, please visit:

Last year’s GEA Honors award winners included Senator Harry Reid, Senator Ben Hueso, CEC Geothermal Grant and Loan Program, U.S. Department of Energy, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Ormat Technologies, Enel Green Power North America, and Cyrq Energy.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

This item will not be heard before 1:00 p.m.

Joe Serna, Jr.-CalEPA Headquarters Building

Coastal Hearing Room

1001 I Street, Second Floor

Sacramento, CA

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) will hold a public workshop at their regularly scheduled Board Meeting to receive information and solicit public input regarding the status of the Salton Sea Management Program.


Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. established the Salton Sea Task Force (Task Force) in

May 2015. The Task Force includes experts from the California Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Agencies, including representatives from the State Water Board. The Task Force has sought input from tribal leaders, federal agencies, local water districts, local leaders, and other public and private stakeholders with an interest in the Salton Sea. The Task Force relied on information gathered during these meetings to produce its recommendations, which were released on October 9, 2015, and included a description of the principles necessary for a successful Salton Sea Management Program. In addition, Governor Brown appointed Bruce Wilcox as assistant secretary for Salton Sea Policy at the Natural Resources Agency to oversee habitat restoration efforts along the shoreline of the Salton Sea. On March 18, 2015, the State Water Board held a workshop to solicit comments regarding the status of the Salton Sea and the State Water Board’s Revised Order WRO 2002-0013.

As a part of the Task Force, the State Water Board will regularly monitor and assess progress on the implementation of the Salton Sea Management Program, and periodically hold public workshops as part of this function. The first of such workshops was held on January 5, 2016. For more information about the background and history of the State Water Board’s involvement with the Salton Sea, please visit the State Water Board’s web page at:


The State Water Board is seeking detailed updates from the California Natural Resources Agency on the progress regarding the following items towards implementation of the Salton Sea Management Program achieved since the January 5, 2016 workshop:

*    Status and implementation of proposals to implement habitat creation and dust suppression projects; and,

*    Assessment of transmission options to access and facilitate renewable energy development at and around the Salton Sea regarding the Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative 2.0.

In addition to the agency updates, the workshop is an opportunity for interested persons to provide input to the State Water Board relative to the implementation of the Salton Sea Management Program.


Interested persons must submit written comments by 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday,

April 13, 2016.

For submittals less than 15 megabytes in total size, interested persons should email the submittal to Jeanine Townsend, Clerk to the Board, at Please indicate in the subject line: “Comment Letter: Salton Sea”.

For submittals more than 15 megabytes in total size, interested persons should (1) email a summary of their written information to Jeanine Townsend, Clerk to the Board, at; and (2) mail or hand deliver any additional information on a CD/DVD. For emails and other correspondence, please indicate in the subject line: “Comment Letter: Salton Sea”.

Mail should be postmarked by the comment deadline indicated above and addressed as follows:

Jeanine Townsend, Clerk to the Board

State Water Resources Control Board

1001 I Street, 24th Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

Hand deliveries should be delivered by the comment deadline indicated above to the following address:

Jeanine Townsend, Clerk to the Board

State Water Resources Control Board

Joe Serna, Jr.-CalEPA Headquarters Building

1001 I Street, 24th Floor, Sacramento, CA

Interested persons with hand deliveries must check in with the Visitor and Environmental Services Center on the first floor of the Joe Serna, Jr.-CalEPA Headquarters Building who will contact State Water Board staff to pick up any hand deliveries. Couriers delivering comments must check in with lobby security and have them contact Jeanine Townsend at (916) 341-5600.


This workshop will be held as part of a routine meeting of the State Water Board. This workshop is for informational purposes and no formal action will be taken. While a quorum of the State Water Board may be present, the State Water Board will not take formal action at the workshop. There will be no sworn testimony or cross-examination of interested persons, but the State Water Board and its staff may ask clarifying questions.

In addition to the updates provided by the four agencies identified above, the workshop is an opportunity for interested persons to provide input to the State Water Board. At the workshop, interested persons will be given an opportunity to summarize and supplement any written comments with oral presentations. The State Water Board has found panels are a very effective way for interested persons to present information to the Board. Therefore, the Board strongly encourages interested persons to not only coordinate their presentations but also to join on panels that present different points of view. The State Water Board requests that interested persons that will present in the form of panels notify Mitchell Moody (contact information below) no later than April 1, 2016, of the composition of their panel and time requested. The State Water Board may reduce the requested time. Any presentation materials must be submitted in accordance with the same procedures for written comments described above, except that (1) the subject line should indicate: “Presentation: Salton Sea” and (2) presentations must be submitted in electronic Powerpoint (.pptx) format.


A broadcast of the meeting will be available at:


Information regarding travel to the Joe Serna, Jr.-CalEPA Headquarters Building is available at:

The Joe Serna, Jr.-CalEPA Headquarters Building is accessible to persons with disabilities. Individuals who require special accommodations are requested to contact Ms. Shyla Hoffman, at (916) 341-5881, at least five working days prior to the meeting. Persons with hearing or speech impairments may contact us using the California Relay Service Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) at (800) 735-2929 or voice line at (800) 735-2922.

Due to enhanced security precautions at the Joe Serna, Jr.-CalEPA Headquarters Building, all visitors are required to register with security staff prior to attending any meeting. To sign in and receive a visitor’s badge, visitors must go to the Visitor and Environmental Services Center, located just inside and to the left of the Joe Serna, Jr.-CalEPA Headquarters Building’s main public entrance. Depending on their destination and the building’s security level, visitors may be asked to show valid picture identification. Valid picture identification can take the form of a current driver’s license, military identification card, or state or federal identification card. Depending on the size and number of meetings scheduled on any given day, the security check-in could take up to 15 minutes. Please allow adequate time to sign in before being directed to the workshop.


Please direct any inquiries concerning this notice to Mitchell Moody, Water Resources Control Engineer, at (916) 341-5383 or Additional information is available at:

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