At the Beginning of 2016, Geothermal Advances On Governmental and Technological Fronts

Salton Sea

The Geothermal Resource Council’s Map of Active and Potential Geothermal Locations Around the Salton Sea

(Study: Refined Conceptual Modeling and a New Resource Estimate for the Salton Sea Geothermal Field, Imperial Valley, California, Hulen et al. 2002)

In this post:
*Democratic Leaders Call for Action on Renewable Energy Tax Credits, Hard Fight Ahead?
*Registrations for GEA US and International Showcase Continue to Roll In
*IID Urges California to Finance Salton Sea Fixes with Geothermal as a Solution
*New Geothermal Technology Could Help Reduce Carbon Emissions
*Disagreement Over Geothermal Steam Pricing in Indonesia
*California Energy Commission to Conduct Workshop for Geothermal Power Stakeholders
*SMU Geothermal Conference, Power Plays: Geothermal Energy in Oil and Gas Fields, Puts Out Call for Abstracts
*An Introduction to the New Geothermal News and Communications Specialist, Allie Nelson

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Wind power costs; Geothermal on Mars; NSF team makes geologic discovery; Geoscience students make a difference

See key findings from the Institute for Energy Research’s study “Assessing Wind Power Cost Estimates.” An article notes geothermal similarities between Mars and Earth. An NSF Research and Technology Team is studying new information on the Earth’s basic geologic functions. An AGI survey tracks students of Geoscience studies.
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