At the Beginning of 2016, Geothermal Advances On Governmental and Technological Fronts

Salton Sea

The Geothermal Resource Council’s Map of Active and Potential Geothermal Locations Around the Salton Sea

(Study: Refined Conceptual Modeling and a New Resource Estimate for the Salton Sea Geothermal Field, Imperial Valley, California, Hulen et al. 2002)

In this post:
*Democratic Leaders Call for Action on Renewable Energy Tax Credits, Hard Fight Ahead?
*Registrations for GEA US and International Showcase Continue to Roll In
*IID Urges California to Finance Salton Sea Fixes with Geothermal as a Solution
*New Geothermal Technology Could Help Reduce Carbon Emissions
*Disagreement Over Geothermal Steam Pricing in Indonesia
*California Energy Commission to Conduct Workshop for Geothermal Power Stakeholders
*SMU Geothermal Conference, Power Plays: Geothermal Energy in Oil and Gas Fields, Puts Out Call for Abstracts
*An Introduction to the New Geothermal News and Communications Specialist, Allie Nelson

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